Friday, August 29, 2014

The spanking of her life #SatSpanks

My heroine in the naughty book that came out yesterday, Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor, knew going into her multi-day punishment that her backside would pay a heavy price. She didn't know how heavy it would be.
Oh, how Natalie feared that paddle. Sometimes, when she thought about it at night, falling asleep alone as she usually did mid-week, she decided she hated it, but she knew how false it would be to believe that. She loved it--or she loved knowing that Adam had used it on her, and she had come through, and that he would use it on her again, someday. 
But, unambiguously, she feared it. To be told that he would paddle her with it so severely that she wouldn't sit comfortably. . . well, as arousing as it was, she had almost said "Red." 
Now as he hit her upturned bottom with it, over the little bench which had only the slightest bit of give in its padding so that her poor cheeks took almost all of the considerable force Adam mustered she again considered using her safeword. 
He paddled her in the middle of her rear end, over and over, at the start, until that spot felt like she had sat on a stove. Adam had told her many times that he judged his spankings by the color he turned a girl's bottom, and so she always tried to keep from making noise as much as she could, as a point of pride, but now she cried out like a little girl over a parental lap. 
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  1. "she cried out like a little girl over a parental lap" and image many of us remember well.

  2. This whole snippet is arousing, Emily!! Really descriptive and very well done! :)

  3. Great snippet! I just bought my copy of this book and can't wait to read it!

  4. Spankings hurt, no matter the age. Sometimes crying can help.

  5. Just goes to show you can judge a butt by its color. Love it!

  6. I think I'm with her on the paddle!!

  7. Ouch! LOved your snippet as always Emily and I love the cover :)