Monday, August 18, 2014

The old tropes of race #Taboo2sday

In The Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls, I have a character named Mr. George, whom I call the school's "island janitor," which is my way of saying that he's of African descent. I don't want to spoil the surprise of who Mr. George actually is, but it certainly gives me the chance to explore some taboos.
"Would you like me to take off my pinafore?" Lara asked softly. "If you don't report me, I'd like to take it off for you, Mr. George, and then. . ."
"Then what?" he asked in a low, hoarse growl.
"Then I'd like. . . t-to please you. . . with my m-mouth," she said, desperately hoping that she wouldn't get herself into even more trouble this way, but unable to stop herself, so fierce did the naughty fire seem to rise up in her pussy.
"I'm very big, girl," he growled. "Even bigger than that headmaster of yours. I'll make you take all of me, and you'll swallow what I give you, or you'll be reported."
"Oh, God," Lara said, overcome with the shameful arousal his words awakened.
"Take it off, girl, and pull those panties down so I can look at that sweet ass while you do your business."
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  1. ah yes, multiple taboos- I love it when we all manage that. What an interesting way of dealing with the race taboo, using "island man" for Mr. George. what rich word choice you used in this

    1. oopps island janitor, even better :D people dorking at my on fb has my brain broken this morn