Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Emily is up to, for 13 August 2014

Well, there's the naughty book. You can buy the naughty book on Amazon if you click here! How naughty is the naughty book?
Frederica whispered, "You heard what he said about why I'm here, right? What I let David. . . my boyfriend. . . do?"
Lara, consumer of pornography, helped again, "You gave him a blowjob?"
"Mm-hmm," Frederica said. Martin could see that she was screwing up her face in embarrassment. It was delightful.
"What did it taste like?" Rachel said.
"Rachel!" Lara said. Yes, Lara had watched the porn video she had stumbled across on the 'net, but she still had a very strong sense of modesty. To hear another girl ask what a man's thing tasted like made her face burn. 
She turned on her side to look at Rachel, in the moonlight. To her embarrassed surprise, she saw that the dark-haired girl's bedclothes seemed to be moving in a rather unusual way. Rachel lay on her back, with her eyes closed, and it seemed her hands were at her waist, under the comforter, and the comforter was rising and falling slightly but also very rhythmically. 
"Rachel, what are you doing?" she asked. 
"Shh," Rachel said. "I'm thinking about Frederica and her boyfriend."
Plus, I'm on Maddie Taylor's wonderful blog talking about, you guessed it, the naughty book.

The fourth book of the Institute series, At Leo's Command, is coming soon! 

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