Monday, August 11, 2014

Naughtiness, fully rewarded: The Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls

Here's the cover! I think the girl must be Frederica, though Frederica usually wears her hair in braids.

Here's the blurb:
Dr. Martin Scott, a dominant with the dream of teaching young women to explore their submissive natures, has decided to use his considerable fortune to found a unique school at Sunset Harbor on the remote Caribbean island of Saint-Stephane. With the help of his duenna Cassandra Lomond, he trains three eighteen-year-olds every Fall term. Along the way Dr. Scott, Mrs. Lomond, and their island janitor Mr. George enjoy the girls' developing submissive charms to the fullest, while in the classroom the girls study classics like Fanny Hill and Story of O
Now Rachel, Frederica, and Lara, have arrived at Sunset Harbor, sent by their parents with the notion that Dr. Scott can cure girls' wantonness with regular applications of old-fashioned bare-bottom discipline. What trials and delights await the girls? For what does Dr. Scott ultimately train his girls'? What, really, is the purpose of the Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls?
Here's how it starts:
Martin Scott, Ed.D., looked with satisfaction at the files open, each in its own window, on the computer desktop displayed on his enormous monitor. Rachel, Frederica, and Lara would all do very nicely for this fall term. 
Martin turned from the computer screen to contemplate Sunset Harbor, the most perfect place in the universe as far as he was concerned. Just below his window, the coral cliff fell thirty feet to a slender beach with powder-fine coral sand. Beyond lay the harbor, just enclosed enough to keep the big waves from breaking hard on the private beaches of the twelve houses nestled around it, one of them Martin's villa--now the Sunset Harbor School for Girls. The sailing yachts rode calmly at anchor, and Martin looked forward to an afternoon on the water, after he had mailed the girls' parents to let them know that he had accepted their daughters for a semester they would never forget. 
Twelve houses on Sunset Harbor, on the little island of Saint-Stephane, and all of them occupied by men and women who shared Martin's belief that when a girl demonstrated the irregular desires Rachel, Frederica, and Lara had demonstrated, the best thing for her was to come to Sunset Harbor School and learn to serve the lusts of a man like Martin. How else could such girls attain to the bliss that awaited them as full members of this unusual community, than by careful study with Dr. Scott? 
By the same token, Martin endorsed the rather different, but equally erotic--and equally diverting--activities of his neighbors along the beach. The little community's governing board met twice a year to make sure all their activities were legal, but one of the nice things about having as much money as the residents of Sunset Harbor had was undoubtedly that various activities that might have an unfortunate appearance in the absence of large sums of currency, wired discreetly to newly set-up Swiss bank accounts, took on a hue of complete respectability once the papers were signed. 
For one very apposite example, Rachel, Frederica, and Lara. In the late stages of their education at Martin's school, they would be fully informed of the prosperity that awaited them should they continue their studies. They would also be informed at key moments that Martin's private jet stood ready to take them home to their families, if they chose not to continue. Martin placed the utmost importance on the silence he, and his girls, would in general maintain with regard to the matter of whether they found the things they underwent entirely to their liking: the function of the money in the transaction might be in the first instance to make the whole affair consensual, but from an erotic and psychological standpoint its true function was to ensure that Martin did not have to ask whether one of his pupils wanted to be thrashed, or taken to the headmaster's rooms for a long evening of pleasing the headmaster. When it was time to cane Lara, or fuck Rachel all night, or enjoy Frederica's bottom for the first time, Martin would simply give the necessary commands, and have his way, all the time teaching his girls about their bodies, and about their needs. 
Martin reviewed the files. 
Rachel Dane, 5'3" with black shoulder-length hair and brown eyes, had been caught masturbating in the shower, by her mother, who had innocently come in to find a towel, and had seen her eighteen-year-old daughter, oblivious to her mother's presence, engaged in the wicked practice: her fingers at play between her thighs and her breathing harsh and gasping with pleasure. Hauled out of the shower and made to touch her toes, still naked and dripping, Rachel had been spanked with the bath-brush until she could barely stand the touch of her cotton panties on her tender bottom-cheeks. Then Rachel's mother had gone to the computer to find special schools that could help her daughter return to the path of virtue. 
Frederica Hilhorst, 5'5" with blonde hair in two long braids and bright blue eyes, had been seen giving her boyfriend a blowjob in her bedroom, by an observant next door neighbor who spied the forbidden act through the upstairs window. Frederica's father had put his eighteen-year-old daughter over the old spanking stool and taken his belt to her bare backside for a good ten minutes. Then he, too, had found Martin's school on the 'net. 
Lara Jenkins, 5'7" with short chestnut hair and hazel eyes, had merely confessed, unwisely, to her family doctor, that she was troubled by her burgeoning sexuality, and had watched a porn video on the 'net once. The confidence was betrayed, of course, and Lara, despite her advanced age of eighteen, had gone over her father's lap with her pants down, and received the family paddle upon her bare bottom until she screamed that she had learned her lesson and would never disobey a family rule again. Mr. Jenkins, also, had emailed Martin beseeching him to reform Lara. 
The item of which the parents felt most confident, of course, was Martin's promise not to spare the rod when it came to correcting their daughters' behavior--above all, of course, their immodesty. Martin imagined that even now they were telling Rachel, Frederica, and Lara that they must set their minds at rest: no shameful behavior of any sort would be tolerated at Sunset Harbor School. What those parents did not know--what even the girls themselves had almost certainly barely as yet guessed--was that their daughters yearned for the kind of training Martin would give them. The extensive questionnaires that had made part of the application process had let him determine that fact beyond a doubt, the tell-tale sign in every case being that each girl had also been caught playing with herself after a spanking, which the parents, being themselves terribly repressed, considered shocking and very much in need of the kind of attention Martin Scott, Ed.D., assured them he could provide. 
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  1. Looks great. I can only imagine what the headmistress at my daughters all girl catholic high school would have said about a uniform like this.