Friday, August 15, 2014

A formal caning, before the governors #SatSpanks

Late in The Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls, all three pupils of the school receive a very formal, very severe caning from Mr. George, the school's janitor.
It was rare that a term would unfold without an obvious infraction like Lara's attempt to send a coded message, around which the beginning of what Dr. Scott called "the viewing season" could be arranged. In such cases, something could always be trumped up, however: the previous fall the girls had been caned for not working diligently enough on their essays. The infraction didn't matter, really--the formal punishment was the important thing.
Tonight the governors would see Dr. Scott's girls for the first time, and each would begin to decide whether and where they might fit into his future plans. In other words, over the next few weeks of the viewing season, the wealthy men and women of this little enclave would be thinking about how much to bid at the Sunset Harbor Ball in December.
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  1. Clearly, another very naughty book, Miss Emily. Viewing season, eh? I wonder what it is exactly that the governors will be viewing. Knowing you, I'm sure it's not the girls' lovely faces.

  2. Wow, Emily, very intriguing. You're so sneaky--in the best possible way.

  3. ooh that is so wonderfully naughty...

  4. Interesting concept Emilky, I can't wait to read more :)