Monday, September 1, 2014

Priest/penitent #Taboo2sday

I know I've hit a potent taboo when I make even myself feel uncomfortable. That's what writing Father Charles Takes a Wife was all about, really. Let me just give you a bit that I had to re-write several times. . .
"My child," Charles said, "have you been considering your sinful nature?" 
The question clearly surprised her, but only for a moment. Laura said, "Yes, Father." 
Instinctively, Charles did not reply immediately, and only a moment later, Laura went on, "I am a very wicked girl aren't I?" 
"What makes you so wicked?" Charles asked. 
"Well… I didn't obey you earlier tonight." 
"Yes, that's right," Charles prompted. "And so I spanked you." 
"And… I sucked your cock, Father."
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  1. oh lovely taboo :) I like Laura saying it

  2. Does she think her sucking his cock is sinful? Or was that part of her punishment?

    Either way... :D