Monday, August 25, 2014

Natalie's three Daddies plan her punishment: Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor

I suppose, if I really want you to pre-order this book, I have to give you a good reason. Well, I think I can: read the blurb, then read the excerpt. I don't mean to boast, but I'm pretty sure this is the hottest prologue I've ever written, despite it only being a promise of hotness to come. I'm hoping you'll want to be sure you have the book as soon as it releases Friday!
Twenty-two-year-old Natalie has three dominant men in her life. Tom, her daddy, spoils her even while making sure her bratty behavior is dealt with firmly over his knee. Dan is a doctor whose intimate examinations always leave Natalie blushing… and begging for more. And last there is Adam, the dom who gave Natalie her very first spanking and who still holds a special place in her heart. The only problem is that none of the men know about one another, and Natalie is afraid they will all leave her if they find out the truth. 
When they discover that Natalie has been dishonest with them, there is only one solution: she must be taught a lesson. The men bring Natalie to a beautiful island resort, planning to give her a memorable stay. She’ll have three days of fun in the sun, but also three days of harsh punishment with each man taking his turn, and then on the final day Natalie will learn what it is like for a naughty girl to be thoroughly punished by her daddy, her dom, and her doctor all at once. 
Publisher’s Note: Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor is an erotic novel that includes spankings, age play, medical play, anal play, BDSM, sexual scenes including a foursome, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
And here's the prologue (if you're already convinced, pre-order it by clicking here!):
Really, none of it was Natalie's fault, Adam knew. Any reasonable person--and Natalie's three daddies were all reasonable men--could see that. Although she would end up thoroughly punished if they had anything to say about it, they all knew that she had never set out to submit to three men at the same time. Hopefully, being thoroughly punished would prove the best part for her in the end, and it was obvious to Adam, and to Dan, and to Tom, that really having three daddies had simply happened to her for reasons she didn't quite understand, and certainly couldn't have controlled.
Adam's theory on the matter, at least for now, as the three of them settled down around the coffee-table in Dan's sumptuous living-room to plan Natalie's punishment, was that when he had brought out her submissive side three months earlier she had begun to radiate submissive signals. Adam believed that all dominant men had a sort of attunement to those signals, whether or not they--or the submissives sending them--knew it.
Because Natalie had just started to live that part of her identity in her play-sessions with Adam, she most certainly didn't know that when a lovely young woman--twenty-two, petite, with long auburn hair and blue eyes--cast her eyes to the floor with a blush upon meeting them, and giggled when they said something like "naughty girl," would attract the kind of dominant man she had always longed for but had never before known how to get.
"I think," he said to Tom, 5'10 or so, with sandy hair and handsome in a sort of teddy-bearish way that suited his daddy-babygirl ageplay tendencies perfectly, "when she met Dan, after she'd only been playing with me for a couple of weeks, and then met you a week after that, she probably thought heaven had decided to pay her back for having to wait so long to find even one dominant guy."
Tom laughed. Dan, the oldest of the three of them, and the most prosperous from his private practice as an orthopedic surgeon, called from the bar, where he was making martinis, "And she probably thought that fate might make sure she went for another twenty years before she met another one." At 6'3",  Dan was also the tallest of them, lean as a rail, with the hair going grey at blonde temples the only sign that he had passed 40. His aristocratic bearing, together with his medical training, never let you forget that he could take charge of any situation if necessary.
Adam succeeded--he thought--in concealing his completely-uncalled-for irritation. Clearly Tom and Dan had taken the idea of sharing Natalie much more in stride than he had. I brought out her submission: she's mine, a voice kept whispering. Adam knew he had to quell that voice.
"I'm sure," Tom continued, still laughing, "that the way Natalie sees it she almost has an obligation to herself, and to us."
"To do what?" Adam asked, curious.
"To submit to us, I guess. If karma is going to send her three daddies, how can she refuse? And she never made any pledges of exclusivity, right? To any of us?" Tom could sometimes slip into accountant-speak--"pledges of exclusivity" had the ring of the ledger, Adam thought.
But Tom was right, of course. "Nope, not at all," Adam said. "And she warned me once that she's not ready to make more of a commitment than to see me again." Yes, she warned me, he thought with a hint of bitterness. But I didn't see it coming.
"Why should she have told us about each other, and hurt us needlessly?" Dan said, bringing Adam and Tom's martinis over to the coffee-table.
"Is what she must have thought, yeah," Adam said. "But."
Dan nodded. "But."
Tom chuckled. "Her butt has to pay."
Dan snorted. Adam groaned.
"Just to be clear," Dan said, sitting down with his own martini, "none of us is angry with Natalie, right?"
Adam took a deep breath. Angry, no. Hurt, yes. He shook his head. Tom said, "Nope. I can't imagine being angry with her, frankly."
Dan chuckled. "Me either. Our Natalie is such a sweetheart."
Tom grinned. "Actually, that's how Adam and I figured out what was going on. He was telling me about this scene he played with her, and how she got really turned on when he started to move things into ageplay a little."
"It was the candy thing that tipped us off," Adam said. "She's got a sweet-tooth the size of Manhattan, and, well, she said this really dirty thing that turned me on incredibly--and it turned out she says it to Tom, too."
"What was it?" Dan asked, with a mischievous smile.
Tom laughed, "She kneels down in front of you, and says 'May Natalie please have her special candy now?'"
Dan gave a little snort of laughter.
"And then if you tell her she can, she unbuckles your belt and takes down your pants and underwear with this angelic smile on her face, and. . ." He coughed, looking embarrassed.
Adam laughed. "If we're going to do this thing, we probably need to get comfortable talking about this stuff. It's probably easier for me as a professional dom, but we all should try to be forthright. What Tom means to say, Dan, is that Natalie sucks his cock like its the sweetest peppermint stick on earth, and, while she does, she keeps talking about how sweet it is, and how she wants her daddy to put it everywhere, and if you do a 69 while she's having her special peppermint stick she'll come over and over--especially if you tell her what a good girl she is."
Tom nodded, a little sheepishly. "Like you said. Our Natalie is a sweetheart."
"And yet," Dan said, "it was something almost the opposite of that that tipped Adam off in my case, right?"
"Right," Adam said, turning to Tom, to explain. "She likes the sterner stuff, too."
"And medical play," Dan said. "I caned her for playing with herself, like some old Victorian family physician, and she loved it, even though I took it pretty far with the examination and then with the punishment. She must have come five or six times while I was, well, let's call it examining her for signs of immodesty."
"And she said something else that seemed like it had to be the same girl," Adam continued, "when she was talking about playing with herself. She called it 'playing in my secret garden'."
"Really turned me on," Dan confessed. "So it seems like part of what's going on here is that Natalie has a range of cravings, when it comes to her submission. I'd like to think, of course, that I could meet all those needs, but I have to admit to the possibility that I couldn't. I'm not an ageplay guy, for example."
"And I'm not a medical guy," Tom said with a little fake shudder that made the other two laugh.
"It's true, as far as it goes," Adam said, thinking about how much it cost him to admit it, "that if Natalie wants to submit to three men, she should give it a try."
"But not without telling them," said Dan with finality.
"It ends up in dishonesty," said Tom, nodding. "She definitely needs a lesson in being completely honest. And unfortunately for her adorable little backside, I think we're the daddies to give it to her."


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