Friday, August 8, 2014

A school uniform like no other #SatSpanks

I've got a terribly naughty book coming out soon. Appropriately, it's called The Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls. Here's a bit from one of the early spankings:
As soon as Mrs. Lomond had led her into the beautiful villa that clearly served as the school building, and up the grand staircase to the dormitory room with its three beds, she said to Rachel. "Take off all you clothes, please, and put on the panties you'll find on your bed." 
"I believe you heard me, Miss Dane. Those panties, and only those panties, constitute your basic uniform when you are inside the school building. You may be instructed to wear other garments on top of them, but you are to consider your school panties as your ordinary dress while you are here." 
It was a white lace thong that lay on Rachel's bed, the one closest to the door that Rachel knew was hers because of a card on it bearing the words "Miss Dane" written in beautiful cursive. 
"I won't," Rachel said.
Here's a preliminary version of the blurb:
Dr. Martin Scott, a dominant with the dream of teaching young women to explore their submissive natures, has decided to use his considerable fortune to found a unique school at Sunset Harbor on the remote Caribbean island of Saint-Stephane. With the help of his duenna Cassandra Lomond, he trains three eighteen-year-olds every Fall term. Along the way Dr. Scott, Mrs. Lomond, and their island janitor Mr. George enjoy the girls' developing submissive charms to the fullest, while in the classroom the girls study classics like Fanny Hill and Story of O. 
Now Rachel, Frederica, and Lara, have arrived at Sunset Harbor, sent by their parents with the notion that Dr. Scott can cure girls' wantonness with regular applications of old-fashioned bare-bottom discipline. What trials and delights await the girls? For what does Dr. Scott ultimately train his girls'? What, really, is the purpose of the Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls?
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  1. This sounds WONDERFUL... oh a thong as the only item of your uniform - devilishly wonderful. I wonder if there's a place somewhere for me... ? ~dribble~

  2. I'm sure that was a shock to her - but the statement, 'I won't' , I bet that's not true.

  3. This sound like a such a fun story!

  4. Sounds like the school is as naughty as the girls, LOL Another ET scorcher coming right up.

  5. Wow. This has me totally intrigued! Panties as your uniform sounds totally erotic!!! Love this!