Monday, August 25, 2014

Dirty, dirty, dirty ageplay #Taboo2sday

Okay, I have to confess that I don't "get" clean ageplay. I love my colleagues who write it; I love the people who read it (though I suspect my love means very little to them given that I can't imagine that many of them would even consider reading an Emily Tilton book). But for me, the point of ageplay is the dirtiness--that fantasy that's just so wrong that many of us have lurking in our brains because human erotic psychology is just fucked up--thanks, evolution!
Tom's house lay between Adam's very basic--though neat--one-bedroom cottage and Dan's stately home on the luxury scale, but Natalie didn't think about the furnishings--except for the toys: the model roller-coaster in Tom's office clearly represented only the tip of the iceberg and his living-room was like an enchanting museum of little mechanical towns and buildings. Really, though, the only things in the living-room in which Natalie was interested at that moment were Tom's knee, and Tom's enormous right hand.
"Alright, babygirl," he said, standing there next to the big wooden chair he had pulled out and turned around, clearly intending that Natalie should understand this to be the chair where he would sit so that she might take her trip over his knee and feel his firm hand. "Decision time: as it is for most red-blooded ageplay daddies, this is a sexual thing for me. That doesn't mean it has to be a sexual thing for you, though. It's really important that we set boundaries at least for today, though. We can change them for next time, but once we set them for today we need to stick with them."
"Um," Natalie said. "So. . . it's a sexual thing for me, too."
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  1. I get how age play can be sexual, but I also know how it can be non-sexual. And I can definitely see how that squicks some out. Great taboo :D

  2. I have read several of your books. I am not usually into the "age-play" but the snippet has me intrigued. I plan on buying this book.

  3. I love their conversation, although the thoughts on her Daddies' homes is a great bit of set up.