Thursday, August 28, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: under the little black dress

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

Under the little black dress, Corinne was not allowed to wear anything at all. She was never allowed to wear underwear when John tied her up.

John never tired of telling her why, either. "When I flip up that little skirt, I want to see your bottom nice and bare and ready for spanking."

Ready for spanking. Yet another of those phrases John used that seemed to make Corinne's pussy catch fire.

Wasn't she always ready for spanking, though, really?

Not the way she became ready when John put her in the ropes, though. John never tired of devising new configurations, and recently every time Corinne got restrained she also got suspended in some way from the ceiling. She had not thought she would enjoy it--before John started to rig ropes that way, Corinne had been sure she would fear falling down, but John always put pillows in strategic places, and tied her so carefully that when she felt herself being hung, and no longer supporting her weight herself, she actually felt freed from fear.

And when he spanked her with the paddle, or whiped her with the strap. . . as she swayed ever so slightly Corinne felt even more secure, because he had tied and hung her so that she might sway just so much and not more. To be utterly immobilized in the position in which her husband had put her, to know that he would spank her just as he chose, to teach her about his desires and his mastery--it made the pain feel like a blessing, and it made the wetness flow down her thighs.

John never tired of telling her about that either. "And I want to see that sweet cunt of yours as wet as it always is when I spank you."

(Image via, via Boengiu Juliana of the Sensual BDSM Community.)

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