Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The moment she realizes she's going to be punished (What Emily is up to for 27 August 2014)

The full court press for Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor continues. This little bit happens after Adam, the dom, has brought Natalie to Fiji. She thinks they don't know anyone there, of course, but then Adam surprises her by giving her her own room-key.
Adam returned, with two folders, one of which he handed to Natalie. "I'm in 15, and you're in 16."
Natalie looked at him quizzically. "What? I mean, what, sir? You, um, are planning to. . ." Suddenly, for the first time in quite a while with Adam, she felt shy. Something about the separate rooms, she guessed. So strange. ". . . play with me, aren't you, sir?"
She began to feel a little hurt. What was going on? Had Adam brought her to Fiji to break up with her? Well, fine. She'd have Dan take her to Fiji in a few months. She felt her face growing angry.
"Calm down, sweetheart," Adam said. "Trust me."
Natalie twisted her mouth to the side. "Okay, sir," she said.
They left their luggage to be delivered to their rooms later. Adam led the way in silence to the group of adjoining cottages that comprised, it appeared, 15, 16, 17, and 18. On the way, Natalie recovered her excitement about being in a tropical paradise, and ran to the door of 15, and started to bang on it theatrically (though not of course loud enough to create a real scene--just loud enough to earn a spanking).
But to her surprise, when she turned at the approach of Adam's footsteps, she watched him walk right by her. Going to 16? Well, she wouldn't let him into her room until she'd had an assurance that he was going to punish her and fuck her hard all night.
But he didn't stop at 16, either. He went to 17, and knocked on the door.
"Um, sir? I think that flight might have had more of an effect on your cognitive functioning than you realize."
The door opened. Dan stood there. "Hi, Adam," he said. He looked beyond Adam, at Natalie. "Hello, young lady," he said. "You're in a lot of trouble."
Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she turned to see that Tom had come up, behind her, carrying a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. "Hi, babygirl," he said. 
"Wh-what? Oh, God. . . I. . . I don't know what to say. . . I. . ." She turned to Adam, feeling furious, and foolish. "What is this?"
"Don't worry," Tom said. "We're going to try to make you sorry you didn't tell us, but only in a good way."
"We're not angry," Adam said. "We just decided it would be a good thing for all four of us if we tried to teach you a lesson."
Other things!
Now, though, his eyes met hers, and he smiled cruelly, and then, without ceasing to meet her gaze, he took her knees and placed them, to Anne's fearful surprise, over his shoulders. He shifted his weight effortlessly to accomplish his aim, and Anne thought that that terrible self-assurance in his very muscles frightened her the most, even as it made her cunt feel like it was on fire with the sensation of having a cock there, where nature said it belonged, where nature said she should submit to a man's force. 
"Look now, my lady," Guy said softly. "Look at my Freche cock inside your Lourcy cunt. Your family is dead, and you shall now pay the forfeit, and complete their ruin, and my victory." 
God help her, Anne did look, and did see. God help her, she had to bite her upper lip until she tasted blood to keep herself from saying, "Fuck me, my lord. God, or devil, or whatever else you be, I beg you to fuck me."

  • One last thing: an FB friend has convinced me I need to write out his fantasy: a Jewish man who gives up everything to become the Christian bride of the dominant bridegroom of his dreams. If you thought I was kinky before. . .  

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  1. Oh no! If Emily is giving us a warning about kink, that story is going to push buttons we didn't realize existed, much less possessed.