Monday, August 11, 2014

The headmaster's study: #Taboo2sday

This taboo may be such old hat that we don't even think of it as taboo, but the "sacredness" of the teacher/pupil relationship is what I think gives such power to fantasies of its lines being crossed.
"Miss Dane," he said, "before we can discuss your studies, we have a rather serious matter to deal with." 
"Mrs. Lomond happened to be outside the door of the dormitory last night, and heard some strange noises. She investigated, as was proper, looking in through a special window, and detected you in what appeared to be the same kind of pursuit that led to your being sent to Sunset Harbor." 
Rachel bit her lips as she looked down at the carpet. 
"Miss Dane, I strongly advise you to be honest with me. Do you deny Mrs. Lomond's report that you touched yourself in bed last night?" 
"No, sir," Rachel said, her face turning a lovely bright pink.
Perhaps I'll keep sharing this scene on Tuesdays, for a bit?

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  1. lovely interesting, Emily. I think there is still a taboo there around teacher/pupil relationships, but it's gotten even more complex. Like think of the conflicted conversation around female teacher/teen boy- some want to say "where was she when I was in high school," while others can see the violations of consent and trust. And something about a male teacher/female pupil I think still gets to a lot of us, even if we don't want to admit to it.

  2. So many taboos here! Loved it. Teacher/pupil, voyeurism, masturbation...way to fit it all in. :D

    Oh yes, please share more on Tuesdays ;)