Monday, August 4, 2014

Can fantasy ever be unhygienic? A2M for #Taboo2sday

My answer is, No, fantasy exists in a realm where hygiene isn't much of a consideration. This snippet comes from the soon-to-be-released The Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls. I have a feeling I'll be running a bunch of snippets from that book on Tuesdays.
"Mr. George?" Lara called, outside, not even daring to knock. "Mr. George?" Her voice sounded so endearingly anxious that George had one of those lovely moments of what he called erotic-cognitive dissonance: how could he do the terrible things to this sweet young lady that he planned to do in the next hour, in exchange for the empty promise not to strike hard when she was strapped down over the block on the dais tonight? How could he stretch her sweet con with his massive cock, force that massive cock into her tight little bottom, make her take the cock straight from that bottom into her mouth, until she had to swallow her second helping of George's copious seed? What kind of monster was he?
Coming this weekend, probably! Here's a preliminary version of the blurb:
Dr. Martin Scott, a dominant with the dream of teaching young women to explore their submissive natures, has decided to use his considerable fortune to found a unique school at Sunset Harbor on the remote Caribbean island of Saint-Stephane. With the help of his duenna Cassandra Lomond, he trains three eighteen-year-olds every Fall term. Along the way Dr. Scott, Mrs. Lomond, and their island janitor Mr. George enjoy the girls' developing submissive charms to the fullest, while in the classroom the girls study classics like Fanny Hill and Story of O. 
Now Rachel, Frederica, and Lara, have arrived at Sunset Harbor, sent by their parents with the notion that Dr. Scott can cure girls' wantonness with regular applications of old-fashioned bare-bottom discipline. What trials and delights await the girls? For what does Dr. Scott ultimately train his girls'? What, really, is the purpose of the Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls?

More wonderful, taboo delights below!


  1. very hot, very intriguing snippet, Emily. Good question, on ass-to-mouth. I know that Jolynn recently wrote against the topic- I'm guessing from an IRL perspective however. I admit, I didn't read it, because I think in fantasy it is hot and I question the hyper "eww, it's unsanitary" even IRL.

  2. I do think t here are things that can be too gross to be hot - but I think it's all in 'how the author writes it'. Ass-to-mouth is one of those hot little taboos that I could never do in real life no matter how exciting it can be in a fictional story - too much medical knowledge - but then again, I always insist on a condom for anal sex so then he could always take it off before he shoved his dick down my throat.


  3. In all honesty, RL intrudes. Feces to mouth is gross to me. There's no fantasy element to it for me.

    1. Thanks for the honesty, Cara! Scat in general is a really fascinating dividing line, I think.