Monday, September 8, 2014

One of the naughty Victorian bits

I thought I'd celebrate the arrival of the Omnibus and Part 2 with a caning by the Prince of Wales, Bertie aka Edward VII.
"Now Mrs. Wilkes," said his Highness, "you must understand, of course, that I need not find a specific pretext upon which to cane you, since as a Knight of the Garter it is my prerogative to exercise rights of discipline upon any lady in the realm; this particular right may be one of which you have not been made aware?" 
"I can hardly say it surprises me, your Highness," I replied calmly. 
"As I say, then, I need not find a pretext. But it is also important that you gain the improvement from this chastisement that such chastisement must always be directed towards procuring. I do not cane young ladies unless it be for their own good." 
I was successful, at this, in suppressing a smile. I could not imagine Edmund making any similar declaration. Indeed, one of his favorite things was to punish me for no reason whatsoever except the general naughtiness of my air. Nor, on such occasions, did he say anything about the possibility of my being improved--that is, I suppose, being relieved of some of my naughtiness--by the process. It would be especially interesting to learn how the prince would move from improving me by the application of the cane to enjoying me--always assuming of course that such enjoyment made a part of his plans. It is very wanton of me I suppose, but although I blush to confess it I must say that the charm of his royal authority was working its aphrodisiac magic upon me. His Highness was a relatively handsome man, but much more importantly he demonstrated, in every insouciant gesture and naughty word, the extremity of his temporal power. I found that my loins were responding to this power in ways I had not imagined they might. 
"We must, then," he continued, "discover why it is you shall now be caned. Have you perhaps anything to confess?" 
I could of course think of many things, but his Highness did not leave me space to confess them, but continued, growing almost comically stern in his manner, "For instance, I very much suspect that you are the kind of girl who is unable to resist the temptation to touch her private part from time to time." 
My body knew its role. I blushed deeply. Something in his manner made me suspect that the scene would go better if I remained mute.
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