Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Emily goes riding! (What Emily is up to for 10 September 2014)

I guess I'm now thoroughly in this pattern of neglecting to sign up for the Wednesday work-in-progress hop and then feeling like it's a pretty fun thing to do. Today's another installment.

So my next book is going to be a pretty big departure: medieval pony-play! Here's a little foreshadowing:
"Do not fear, my erstwhile princess," the emperor said. "You--and your ladies-in-waiting--shall have fucking enough, in the stables of my capital." 
Eloise did not even know what the word meant, but Alice's gasp and her knights' shouts of objection told her that the emperor had just insulted them beyond anything she had ever imagined. Sir Leonard jumped to his feet. "Your Imperial Majesty," he said in a voice full of fury that seemed the greater because of the fathomless shame Eloise knew he must feel, "you have already proven yourself a treasonous coward. Do you wish to go down also as an obscene beast? How can you use such language to Her Highness? How can you?" 
"Oh, you Norman knights are even more amusing than one hears. You really are like the toy knights my boys play with. They are always saying things when they play like 'How can you insult me thus?' and 'Thou art a knave! Avaunt!'. And here I have a real live toy Norman knight." 
Eloise looked at Sir Leonard, and saw that his face had turned purple. He started forward, as if to grapple with the emperor, but Comininus side-stepped neatly, and tripped the knight. Sir Leonard went down to the grass in an ungainly heap. Then he turned back to Eloise. "Do you see the figure, my lady? Your toy knight here may stand for your little realm. I have tripped you, even more neatly than I thought I could. And now you, like poor Sir You-Have-Proven-Yourself-a-Treasonous-Coward here, will fall. I fear, though, that when it is your shapely naked backside I see, as you lie on your belly, rather than this poor fellow's mail-covered arse, I shall fuck you much more literally than I have fucked him today. I regret to tell you that there will be no imperial wedding for you--but an imperial bedding: that I can provide, with a good will and a firm purpose."
In other news, the medieval about the villainous husband and the girl who can't help how much his cruelty arouses her is in the pipeline. And then there are all those books that came out in the last month, too--you can find them on my Amazon page. Every one of them is very naughty. 

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