Monday, September 22, 2014

A strange family affair, from the Omnibus #Taboo2sday

You'll see here the way I bend over backward to have my taboo and make it "okay" too. . .
In the usual parlance of Prophettown, Susan had chosen to play the kind of junior-wife who was called "a handful." Women in Prophettown choose their play-styles; Susan had chosen this one. The "handful" play-style tends to be chosen by those submissives who, perhaps because of feelings of shame they had about sex growing up, feel the need to be disciplined and ravished in the harshest possible way, short of physical harm, in order to find erotic release. 
Thus, Susan had sassed Barbara, telling her to get her own glass of water, and the family court had been convened. With a look of aroused expectation, knowing that Chuck would never pass up the chance to give his pretty junior-wife a family butt-fucking, Barbara announced the charge. 
"What sentence do you suggest, Barbara?" asked the husband. 
"A family whipping and butt-fucking, Sir."
It's in the Omnibus, which you can buy here!

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  1. wonderful, crafty way to give us a few taboo, Emily :) love it!

  2. I don't think I'd do well in Prophetown. ;) I don't share LOL