Monday, September 29, 2014

A shameful race #Taboo2sday

More and more I seem to be embracing exhibitionism as my favorite taboo. . . 
For her part, Isabel gave a little questioning moan, as if overcome by how lovely the steward’s cock made her feel, all virtue and honor to the contrary. “Oh, please…” she said, as if she could not help it. 
“Is she wet?” Guy asked. 
“Yes… yes, my lord,” Christophe said, looking down at where his body was joined to his fucking piece’s. 
“Aha—I thought so!” Not to be outdone, Guy now took his own position at Anne’s backside, raised his clothes, and was inside his wife in a trice, fucking hard. “Not as wet as my whore of a countess, though, I wager. Come, let us race, as we used to!”
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  1. "... where his body was joined to his fucking piece’s." Now there's a phrase I haven't read in smut in, fuck, I don't know how long. Just awesome.

  2. yum :D I agree with Sheri, love your word choice. Racing is good fun :D

  3. Ooooooooh! Emily! I love the two men fucking a race and using their women to do so. Joelle's right. YUM!