Friday, September 26, 2014

'Tis here! Her True Lord's Claim #SatSpanks

If you seem to recall a slightly different title for this one, perhaps you were living in a parallel universe. . . (Yes, the title changed, but let's just pretend it was always Her True Lord's Claim.)

Anyway, are you like me? Do you wonder all the time whether famous historical figures were really spankos?

"Enough," said the queen imperiously. "We are here to judge in the matter of Nele de Lourcy and Anne of Mowton. Sir Nele, when you had your leman's bottom, did she like it?" 
Nele closed his eyes, trying to discover how he felt. Then, unable even to begin to find that out, he opened them and said, "I believe she did, your majesty." 
"Did you spank her, at all?" 
At the memory, Nele felt his cock begin to stir. "I am afraid I did, your majesty." 
"There is nothing to fear," said Eleanor. "Were you perhaps surprised that Anne seemed to enjoy being spanked?"
Yes, that Eleanor. Buy it at Amazon here!

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  1. Super hot cover! Very nice snippet. :)

  2. Replies
    1. LOL! Yes! Medieval queens, you know. I'm not sure how much people in general know about how depraved Eleanor of Aquitaine really was!

  3. Hot snippet! I can't wait to read more! :-)

  4. Mmm, you had me at historical. Super depraved & yummy stuff. :D

    1. Thanks, Annabel. So fun to have you in SatSpanks!

  5. Hot! Gorgeous cover, Emily.

  6. Absolutely stunning cover, Emily. I'd buy it for the cover itself! After reading the snippet, I will buy for both now!

  7. [Alarum within, heh, or something]

    My soul doth tell my body that he may
    Triumph in love: flesh stays no further reason
    But rising at thy name doth point out thee
    As his triumphant prize.

  8. such a lovely scene, Emily :) yes, fascinating to imagine public people as spankos :D

  9. Looking forward to reading this one!

  10. Love how you put things, Emily. So great.