Thursday, September 11, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: black bow in back

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

The panties with the black bow in back were reserved for those times when Paul felt like he wanted to unleash all the frustration of the day on Lisa, to let her feel him use her like the kind of toy a guy squeezes hard to relieve stress. Afterward, there would be cuddling, and tenderness, but sometimes on a weeknight, after a hard day, Paul wanted to play rough with his girl. Those nights, he called on his way home, and told her to put on the red panties with the black bow in the back.

Paul didn't really go in for spanking of the traditional over-lap naughty-girl kind, but he did love to give Lisa's ass the kind of smack that made her cry out in real pain, and left his handprint there. Sometimes a single spank like that did enough to get out his stress, and then he would rip the panties down and fuck her hard.

Often, though he found that he needed to position her lace-pantied cunt over his hard cock, with her facing away, showing him her delicious, reddened bottom, for a good long time. He did that even when he still had his jeans on, though he generally progressed from there very quickly, loosing his belt and pulling down the jeans, then tugging the red lace of the panties aside to expose her bare, wet cunt so that he could make Lisa ride him while he spanked her with his right hand, holding her hair in his left.

What did the black bow mean, really, Paul sometimes wondered. Why did he need to spank Lisa when she wore those panties, and why did he always want her to wear them when he spanked her? Lisa herself finally answered the question one night, after Paul had turned her ass bright red--as red as the panties--and then had her there, as she whimpered her submission to the hard cock that impaled her so deeply.

"Did you like your present, sir?" she asked.

Photo by, via Paul Martin of the BDSM Prerogative community.

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