Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The devil for a husband (What Emily is up to for 3 September)

In the spirit of Wednesday, here's a bit from my work-in-progress, Her True Lord's Hand:
"Not only," he said, "must you be punished regularly for the crimes of your father and his father, it appears, but it seems to me now that I must also punish you for your whorish nature." 
"What?" Anne whispered. The shock in that whisper made the lust in Guy's loins, which had abated as he tried to understand his bride's behavior, return tenfold. 
"Yes, my dear," Guy said. Knowing that he had conceived this plan on the fly, in an instant, made the moment of telling it all the more delicious. "Your pleasure in my touch is not such as a noble bride, a countess, should feel. When I find you wet, I will chastise you. You shall lift your skirts when I command it, and I shall inspect your cunt for signs of wantonness. When I find them, your backside will pay for your whorish pleasures." 
"Oh, my lord. . . you cannot. . . I. . ." She gave vent to a storm of weeping, which served to make Guy all the harder.  
"I can and I will, and I shall begin now." He took the birch up again, and rose to stand behind her. 
Other things:

  • An ageplay collaboration is coming soon!
  • I'm pretty sure the Caroline box-set will appear at some point. . . 
  • If religion and spanking are a thing for you, go get Father Charles Takes a Wife, for goodness' sake! 

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