Monday, September 8, 2014

Pseudo-religious sister-wife polyamory #Taboo2sday

You'd better bet that's EXPLORATIONS by Emily Tilton. What else could it be?
"Don't fuss, now," said Barbara. 
"Mmmm" said Martha. 
All strength seemed to be gone from Susan's legs, and she helplessly allowed Martha to open her, spreading her thighs wide. "Hold your knees open, dear," said Barbara, and Susan obeyed, unable to think of doing anything but what she was told. 
"Oh. . . oh. . . what. . . oh, no. . ." 
"What Martha is doing is called 'tasting peach'," murmured Barbara. "When you do the same to us, it's called 'kissing puss', because we are your seniors, and we have our hair there since you do not. We will taste your peach sometimes, when you've been very good, but from now on, when you're not in Chuck's bed, you'll be with us, kissing puss."
It's in the Omnibus! Buy it here!

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  1. Well, I guess that gives all the wives a way to spend their time. LOL

    1. As an author, I'm a giver, to all my characters! :D

  2. :D love it, Emily :) love the different terms based on who's doing and receiving :D

    1. Thanks, Joelle! That was so fun and naughty to come up with. It's one of the few things I've written that still gets me a little hot and bothered. ;)