Friday, September 5, 2014

Yup, the church-spanking scene #SatSpanks

Why not? It's what makes this unique book unique.
After he had helped her back to a kneeling position, Charles said, "When you have done as much of your penance as you find helpful, you may go. I'll see you Sunday, and you should be prepared to go to the room of penance after Mass." He took the little sheet of instructions from where he had enfolded it at the back of his prayer book and put it on the prayer desk. "These instructions will guide you in how to dress and what to do." 
With the aid of the matrons of the church, Charles had written the instructions himself, and as he walked back to his office he remembered them, thinking, despite himself, about Laura Standish's panties, and what her bottom would look like positioned over the penitent's bench, and how it would look after Jim Percy had applied fifty lashes to it with the church strap. 
In the room of penance, you will be whipped with the church strap upon your bottom, while still wearing your underwear. This punishment will be given you in love, by one of the heads of household of the parish: he or she will not know your identity, and you will not know his or hers. 
Please be sure, when you are dressing for church on a day on which you must go to the room of penance, that you wear modest underwear; if you are found to be wearing inappropriate underwear, you will be given more modest underwear and sent to the lavatory to change into it.
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