Monday, November 3, 2014

Lying gets the sternest punishment: A Little Twist

One of my favorite parts of writing Sara's story was getting a plot ready made for some serious character-development in the form of discipline.
"What are you doing, Sara?" 
"Oh, I was just looking at the news on the Internet," she said, closing the anonymous browser window. 
"Get up and go stand in the corner, with your nose to the wall, please." Mark pointed to the corner. "I'm going to see if you're telling me the truth. I'm sorry not to trust you, but I know that there are things about you that might make you feel like you have to lie to me." 
Sara thanked goodness that she had had the wisdom to use an anonymous window. She went over to the corner, and took up the position Mark had told her to. "I always use anonymous browsing," she said, "so I don't get anything I don't want on the computer." 
"That's very wise, sweetheart," Mark said. Then he added, "Sara, it looks to me like you lied." 
"No, Daddy," she said, desperately. 
"Yes, Sara," Mark said, with what she could tell was an angry voice, although it was still quiet. "It looks to me like you made an email account, and then sent an email." 
How did he know? 
"Unfortunately for your backside, sweetheart, I have key-logging software on this computer." 
"Oh, Daddy, please..." 
"Go upstairs to your room, Sara, take off your panties, and lie down on the bed on your tummy. I will be there in a few minutes to punish you, after I have figured out what you were doing." 
"Oh, no, Daddy... please, no." 
"Sara, I will not ask you again. Go get ready to be punished."
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