Monday, November 17, 2014

Lori-Anne begins to plan her transformation #Taboo2sday

The story continues from this post.
Lori-Anne hated the cuff that went around her naughty bits, but she knew that Joe only put it on her for her own good, to teach her to give him his way. Sometimes, falling asleep in bed at night, thinking about what her life would be like with Joe, after they were married, and thinking about what the wedding would be like, Lori-Anne wondered if Joe would make her wear the cuff often--maybe even every day. Would she have to wear it under her beautiful white gown? 
She didn't think so, because the cuff made her naughty bits bulge out, so that Lori-Anne didn't look right in her panties--and there was nothing Joe liked to see more than he liked to see Lori-Anne looking nice and smooth up front in a lovely pair of lacy panties. As she took Joe's cock deep down her throat that night, the night he had asked her to marry him, she had tried to think about how much fun it would be to plan her transformation into the perfect Christian bride--the kind of girl who should wear the special panties Joe gave her, keeping her naughty bits out of sight the way a good bride does. 
Joe growled to let Lori-Anne know it was time to swallow his spunk. "Get ready, honeypie," he said, and seized her around the back of her head, to hold her still so he could fuck as hard as he wanted. Lori-Anne wasn't allowed to look Joe in the eyes when she was having her face fucked, but she knew that he was looking down and taking delight in the sight of poor Lori-Anne, the special girl he had chosen as his own, to wed, and to spank, and to fuck, struggling to please him as he deserved.
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  1. The details grow even more intriguing as you post more of this

  2. So many terms pop to mind. It will be interesting to see which she turns out to fit.

    1. It's fun to write. I'm really hoping she ends up being simply unique: she's just Lori-Anne, trans-sub-Christian-bride.