Monday, November 24, 2014

Lori-Anne thinks about her baptism #Taboo2sday

The story continues from last week's Taboo Tuesday post.

After Joe had come down Lori-Anne's throat, he sat her on his lap and played with her big, awkward clit until Lori-Anne sighed, and the clit got embarrassingly hard.

"That's okay, honeypie," Joe said as he wanked her. "I like you just the way you are, right now. Go ahead and let your wetness come."

It did come, when Joe rubbed Lori-Anne's enormous clit, just a little bit, and then of course it spurted out onto Joe's hands, which made Lori-Anne blush furiously, but Joe said again, "Don't worry, darlin'. If I didn't like the way you were made down here I wouldn't be marrying you, and having you get baptized."

That was when Lori-Anne looked up at Joe and said, "Do I really have to be baptized, Joe?"

Joe said, "Of course you do, honeypie."

Go ahead! Get even more taboo!

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  1. What a sweet scene, Emily! I love how you talk about Lori-Anne's clit. Such a nice touch