Monday, November 3, 2014

A trans-itional marriage: Lori-Anne's Story #Taboo2sday

I have a wonderful friend on Facebook, whose ultimate fantasy this is. As it's also in a certain sense my ultimate fantasy too (you know me and wedding-nights!), I'm happy to write it out fully, in installments for Taboo Tuesday!
Lori-Anne would be a bride at last. Big, burly Joe Weston had told her that her oversize clitoris, with the two useless testicles hanging below it, just made Lori-Anne more attractive to him. 
"You're my kind of girl, sweetheart," he had said, the night he proposed. 
But Joe was very strict with Lori-Anne: he had spanked her that night, when she hesitated to commit to converting to Christianity. As he spanked her bare bottom, over and over, Joe said, "Lori-Anne, you know you need to be saved. You'll have a new life now, and if you're a good girl for me we're going to have a happy marriage. If you're naughty, though, you need to know that you'll suffer the consequences. That's the kind of man I am."


  1. Lovely! Trans erotica. That's not something we see often.

  2. This is going to be good.. The images that come to mind......

  3. installments :) great fun. lovely details