Monday, November 10, 2014

Lori-Anne's wedding night, part 2: Trans BDSM for #Taboo2sday

The story continues from last week.

Big Joe Weston hadn't fucked what he called Lori-Anne's "cute little Lori-pussy" yet. 
"I'ma save that for our wedding-night, darlin'," he said. His voice, with its stern authority, made Lori-Anne swoon, whenever Joe told her how it was going to be. 
Joe fucked Lori-Anne's face, though, with great regularity. Right after he had put the engagement ring on Lori-Anne's finger, for example, he had told her to kneel down in front of him and to get ready to suck his enormous cock. Lori-Anne had been terribly afraid, because she knew how rough Joe liked to get when he made her give head, and she worried--justifiably, as it turned out--that he would be even rougher that night. 
But Joe had growled, "Do I need to put your cuff on, Lori-Anne?" The cuff went around the parts of her that Lori-Anne thought of as her naughty bits: the big clitoris that extended shamefully from her loins and the little sack that should be on the inside but was instead humiliatingly external.
More next week!


  1. wow, more intriguing experimentation, Emily :) such an intriguing use of different genitals :D love it!

  2. I want a picture of that cuff!
    Deliciously and devilishly naughty, Emily.

  3. Oh wow... very descriptive. I love it Emily..x