Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Two college freshwomen, two bottoms to deflower: what Emily is up to

Her Boyfriend's Firm Hand continues to develop. Sometimes I think I'm running out of shameful ideas. Then I come up with something like this, and I think, "Nah."

"Girls," John said, after he had served out the apple cobbler Sally and Rachel had made in the sumptuous kitchen of the house in Chilmark, "listen closely, please." A fire roared on the big hearth. The house, Mark thought, was something that could have descended from heaven on the backs of cherubim. John had already said that of course they would have to spend a week or two here during the summer, so that they could enjoy the pool and the beach. As it was, it wasn't even safe to walk on the beach because of the unpredictability of the winter sea, but they could stand above it and look out far, far to the East, and, just as wonderful, listen to the booming of the waves. 
Mark watched Sally and Rachel turn attentively towards John. Could the older man really be about to say what he had told Mark he would say? 
"Tonight, right after you finish with the dishes, we, your masters, are going to take you to bed and have your bottoms with our cocks."  
Sally's eyes, wide as saucers, flew to Mark's face, as if to ask if Mark knew about John's strange, shameful plan. Her face was red as crimson. To Mark's astonishment, though his own face felt a little flushed, he found himself nodding, as gravely as he could muster. John had been completely right: Mark didn't think he had ever been so aroused in his life and it was all he could do to keep from shifting in his seat to ease the ache of his erection. 
Rachel, blushing herself, looked down at her dessert. "Yes, sir," she said, to Mark's astonishment. 
"Will you like having my cock there, young lady?" John asked. 
"Yes, sir," Rachel replied softly. 
"Have you wanted to have your bottom taken by your master for a long time?" 
"Yes, sir." 
John turned to Sally. "What about you, young lady? Do you think you're ready to make this most important submission to the man who has taken you in hand?" 
Sally didn't take her eyes off Mark. "Yes, Mr. Gammon," she said, very clearly.

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