Monday, November 24, 2014

The Rancher's Little Girl: her first belt-whipping

I'm so excited about how well this book has done, and so grateful to my editors and my readers! Here's a snippet that might persuade you to pull that one-click trigger, if you haven't already…
Ross’ smile turned stern suddenly, but it didn’t waver. “I’m going to warn you, Miss Mason, that you’re on a much shorter trail to your first spanking than I thought you’d take.” 
“I refuse—” 
“Well,” he interrupted. “I refuse to spank you in front of Jack here. So I’m going to send you on up to your bedroom. Wait for me there.” 
“What?” Victoria looked at Jack. 
He turned his palms up as if to say, “I did warn you.” 
“You heard me, Miss Mason. We need to get this thing off on the right foot, so I have to make sure you know that my standards aren’t to be trifled with. When you get to your room, take down your jeans and panties to the middle of your thighs and lie over the bed on your tummy. I’ll be up to give you a belt whipping in a few minutes.” 
“You’re insane, Mr. MacGregor, if you think I’m going to do that.” Her heart beat a mile a minute, and she heard herself panting. At least he would read it as fear of him—of the pain—wouldn’t he? 
“I’m not crazy, Miss Mason. I don’t see as you have a choice, really, here. You need my protection. This is the price.” 
Again Victoria looked to Jack. “Jack, what the fuck?” 
“Miss Mason,” Ross said, his voice much sterner even than it had been, “if there’s one standard I maintain under my roof for ladies, it’s that foul language is something that should never pass their lips. You just earned yourself ten more from my belt.”
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