Friday, October 31, 2014

Sara's first spanking from her new daddy #SatSpanks

I loved writing this book with Abbie Adams!
Without letting go of her, he reached for what he had put on the dresser that morning, before he had gone to Trace's house to pick Sara up. He held it up in front of his new little girl. 
"Do you see this, Sara? This is your paddle." It was made of pink leather, three thicknesses stitched around its oval edge. 
"Oh, Daddy, no," she pleaded. 
"This is for when you are bad, and you are going to get it right now." 
He sat, and pulled her over his lap.
Cruel eight-sentence rule! You'll just have to buy the book now, by clicking here, won't you? :D


  1. I have a feeling even pretty pink paddles hurt! Lovely snippet Emily :)

  2. Only when she's bad? What does she get when she's good? ;) Very tempting snippet, Em.

  3. Ooooo a pink paddle. Very cute. Again hoping I can start this sometime this week

  4. I have a feeling her bottom is going to match the color of the paddle. Nice snippet!

  5. Lovely snippet, Emily :) Can't wait to read this one. You could have given us a hint as to what bad thing she did :D