Monday, November 17, 2014

Diapers. Sigh.

This kink of mine seems to me both the furthest out there and somehow also the most homey. Nothing else--not even anal--gives me that pure jolt of shame like a diaper does.
“Darlin’,” Ross said to Victoria, “you’re in big trouble.” 
Victoria took her upper lip into her teeth with a panicked expression. “Please, Ross. I… I know I shouldn’t have.” 
Ross turned to Kelly, who wore a puzzled look, and said, “Kelly, we’re gonna skedaddle, but I think I’m going to have a favor to ask, later today. Can I call you?” 
“Sure, Ross.” She walked away. 
“Daddy,” Victoria whispered. “I’m so sorry. Please don’t spank me.” 
Ross fixed her with an angry-daddy look. “Spankin’s not the worst you’re gonna get, young lady. Now get that disobedient rear end of yours outa that chair and into the car.” 
He marched her in front of him to the car. Before they reached it, Victoria turned around, a pleading, frightened look in her eyes. “What are you going to do, Ross?” 
“You had better call me ‘daddy’ right now, young lady.” 
“Okay…” She gave a fearful little sob. “Daddy… what are you going to do?” 
“I’m gonna spank you, and then I’m gonna put you in diapers.” 
“Oh, God… no… please…” 
“And then Kelly’s gonna come over and take care of you, and give you a momma-spankin’.” 
“What?! No! Why?” 
“Because I think you need one of those, too. Kelly’s an obedient little lady, and she knows how to train up little ladies like her.” 
“But you can’t! You can’t… not… any of it.” 
“Watch me, darlin’. Now get in the car.” 
Victoria got in the car, still crying softly. Ross knew he had to make her sorry she ever thought about doing anything but what she’d been told, for her own safety. Victoria had a brilliant mind, he already knew—but she also had a way of using that mind to get herself into a lot of trouble. Ross put his arm around her as they drove back out of town. “It’s for your own good,” he said. “Your daddy’s got to take care of you.” 
She nodded, still crying. “Why diapers, daddy? Does it… does it have to be diapers?” 
“Yup,” Ross said. “I’ve never found anythin’ that can teach a girl a lesson better ‘n’ diapers can.”
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