Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The halls of Aphrodite--Bred by the Spartans #RTKDungeonCrawl

Gods, this was fun to write.
After they had prepared Thaleia in the little room, dressing her in a white chiton with golden pins at her shoulders, which came down only to the middle of Thaleia's thighs, and gathering her hair with a jewelled comb, so that it flowed down over her left shoulder, the Graces led her through the entrance room into the great hall of Aphrodite. 
As a rosy glow had suffused the air of the entrance room, it became to clear to Thaleia that the red, flickering glow that she had seen through the doorway suffused the air of this enormous chamber, whose walls to either side and at the far end Thaleia could not even see. 
Now also was answered at last the mystery of where the scene she had heard unfolding between lord Hephaestus and Lady Aphrodite had taken place. In the center of the hall stood a raised platform, reached by three steps and lit by twelve torches, which made it stand out as the only truly bright place in the entire chamber. Upon that platform three Desires, cousins of the Graces, were tying a girl to a frame of wood. Next to the frame stood Aphrodite herself, her lash in her hand. 
As the Graces led Thaleia forward, she watched with horrified fascination as Aphrodite brought her whip down upon the lovely upraised bottom of the girl, which was all Thaleia could see of her. The sound of the lash, and the cry of the victim, echoed through the hall and, Thaleia realized, must be carried to the colonnade, and the Olympic avenue, above. 
"Who is it?" she could not help whispering. 
"That's Erato," the red-haired Grace whispered back. "The Muses play a game with lord Apollo: he takes one of them to his bed every week, but he has her whipped first." 
"What? Why?" 
"You'll see. Calliope is the only one who doesn't admit that she loves it, but that's only because she thinks it's beneath her dignity." 
Aphrodite whipped Erato's bottom again, and then she put her hand down between the Muse's thighs. "Wet again, Erato, of course. Naughty girl." The whip fell once more. Thaleia felt faint. Suddenly she knew that she wanted to be in Erato's place.
Buy the book at Amazon by clicking here! Here's the blurb:
When the beautiful young goddess Thaleia spurns Zeus’ attentions, he has her thoroughly and shamefully punished and then casts her down from Olympus to walk the earth as a mortal woman. Worse still, he places a curse upon her which will overcome any man who sees her with the desire to claim her in the most humiliating ways possible. Her only hope lies in an ancient power stronger even than the gods… Destiny has decreed that if, in spite of the curse, two men can make her confess that she yearns to be theirs, then she will find a happiness beyond her fate.  
After Thaleia’s sister throws herself at the feet of Apollo in desperation and begs for his aid, Apollo appears in a dream to Leontes and Theoleon, two of the bravest warriors of Sparta, and commands them to rescue Thaleia. When the men wake and find the girl naked and distressed, they are torn by two equally powerful instincts: to take her long and hard and make her blush with shame, and to love and protect her as their own.  
The three journey to the Oracle at Delphi, who gives them Apollo’s prophecy—that the descendant of two Spartan warriors and a goddess will one day save all Greece from its enemies. But if Thaleia bears the son Apollo has foretold and Zeus relents and allows her to return to Olympus, will her love for her two Spartans be greater than her desire for immortality? 
Optional question: who's your favorite Muse? Does she need a spanking? Should she give you one?

Keep crawling!


  1. A lash in her hand AND "fun to write" ... now that's a HOT combo!!

  2. Damn Emily... I think I want to be in her place too.
    This is awesome ☺

  3. Oh my, whipping a Muse, I've certainly wanted mine at least spanked at times. Your description is wonderfully vivid. Thanks you for the snippet.