Friday, April 18, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: basque

(this analysis concerns yesterday's story)

The chief hotness here for me was the very interesting arrangement of "Julia's" lingerie. I think the garment that is lying mostly concealed beneath her must be some form of basque, but I'm by no means sure. Whatever it is, when put together with the posture, and the shibari tie, and the generally white-lingerie ambience, the result was a picture that called out to me.

One "lingerie issue" I think about very often is the wonderful process whereby the standard unmentionable of Victorian dress, the corset (of which the basque is a type), has become such a powerfully erotic symnbolic garment now that no one wears it as it used to be worn. Even in Victorian erotica, the corset is not an erotic garment--drawers are far and away the most erotic garment a Victorian girl wore. In a world, though, where restraint is something, it seems often, we don't get enough of, this basic restraining garment serves to embody a world of passion.

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