Friday, April 11, 2014

Visual spanking story analysis: hands

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

Those lucky enough to be members of the Sensual BDSM Community know that my friend Sir Dušan, one of the community's founders, posts some of the most wonderful pictures you will ever see, portraying beautiful moments in loving D/s relationships. I wanted to pay tribute to so many of those different wonderful photos with this little story, and I wanted to try to write a prose almost as crystalline as the photo itself.

To open out the essential hotness of the hands--his in that authoritative position on the back of the neck that says so much about dominance; hers in the response that confirms the message--that was the task of the story. To open it out too far, though, seemed to me to be a crime against the aesthetic of the photo, so I stuck with a single scene of discipline and pleasure that might have occurred a few minutes before.

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