Thursday, April 17, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: basque

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

When he had dressed her in the white lace lingerie, Julia had known that it would come off when and how Guillermo chose. She had known that as the lingerie departed from her body, at Guillermo's whim, there would be other things that happened: the spanking, the command to please him with her mouth, the instructions about how to pose for the photographs he loved to take of Julia submitting to him.

Julia had not expected the rope, though, nor the effect it would have on her. And she had not expected the way he would remove her basque. Guillermo ordered Julia to pose wearing the basque, kneeling on the faux-fur blanket that reminded her so much of Story of O, with her bound hands before her.

Without warning, he reached out for her, and put his hand around the back of her neck, and pulled her forward and down, until she rested her weight upon her hands. As Guillermo began to spank her, hard, with his open hand, murmuring as he did so, "So pretty in your white lace. . . so pretty that you need a sound spanking. . ." Julia looked down at the rope binding her hands so beautifully. It seemed to her to mean everything: restraint and symbol of submission, the coils of rope around both her wrists told her that Guillermo loved her, because he had taken such care with the tie, and that Guillermo owned her, because only a man who owns a thing has the right to tie that thing.

That was when, suddenly, he began to unlace the basque, resuming the spanking after he had pulled the long string free from a few holes, until Julia cried out again, and then returning to the work of removing the lovely garment in which he had so lately dressed her. Finally the basque fell of its own weight to the blanket, and Guillermo was caressing her naked breasts from above, whispering in her ear. "Panties next, after I take a few pictures like this."

(Photo via Bobby Lee of the wonderful Sensual BDSM community on Google Plus.)

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