Friday, April 25, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: drawing

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

I'm really proud of this story, because not only did it come out ultra-hot (as far as I'm concerned) without anything explicit at all, but it also celebrates both the power of art in general and the specific erotic power art can have when we catch sight of something that plays into our fantasies, transformed in a work of aesthetic beauty like this drawing by Patty.

So many of the photos I elaborate in this series have that same power, but I've never elaborated a work that foregrounds its creation the way only one of the media we think of as the traditional plastic ones do. You'll never find me arguing that photography doesn't belong in that category, too, but photography's aesthetic almost always involves obscuring the fact that it's mimetic, and not transparent--that's why we have the strange but powerful word "photorealistic," after all.

A dominant figure wishing to have a work created that captures his passion for his beloved submissive has always been high on my list of thermemes, so I'm going to call the central hotness here as the drawing itself. If you're interested in more from me on this theme, my Victorian notebooks might be worth the time you spend exploring them. . .

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