Thursday, May 1, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: business suit

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

Claudia had an MBA. She kept telling herself that: a BA in English, and an MBA from a prestigious university. She was a vice president. She supervised ten direct reports.

It didn't matter when her master called.

"Go somewhere private," he said. "Right now." Claudia hoped desperately she would not blush in front of the sales manager sitting across her desk from her.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that just at this moment."

"The longer it takes, the harder I'm going to spank you."

Claudia felt herself dampen her panties. She had to hide her face with her hand, as if exasperated at the demand of a higher-up. Panicking, and risking the blush, she put that hand over the receiver, and whispered to the manager, "We'll have to do this later."

Claudia's master was already continuing, "When you get there, put your phone somewhere where it will be able to take a picture of you lifting your skirt to show me your panties. Set the timer, and take the picture for me."

As the manager left, Claudia put her right elbow on her desk, and buried her face in her right hand as she held the phone in her left, just listening to her master render meaningless, at least for that moment, her MBA.

"When you get home tonight, I'll be taking those panties down, and spanking you once for every second between now and when that picture to reaches me."

(Photo via Ellis J. Sophia of the wonderful Sensual BDSM community on Google Plus.)


  1. She'd better quit screwing around and get moving, then.

  2. Thank you for this Emily .... inspiration for my next trip to see one of my subs!! MarQe x