Friday, April 4, 2014

A spanking pic goes viral #SatSpanks

The third book of my Caroline series, Caroline's Little Club, is out! Here's how it starts:
The trouble began at the end of August, with the posting online of a picture I had taken of Mary and Angela's punished backsides, by a fake account someone had given the name "Spank Mybottom." 
The caption read, "Professor, may we have another?" 
I took a picture every week, as Mary had asked me to do. By the third week (this was in June), I had added the detail of putting little whiteboards just below their bottoms to remind them why I had spanked and/or caned them. Before I punished them, I had them write on the whiteboards, in the third person, their promises to amend their conduct. I had hoped that to see those promises below their chastised bottoms, besides being frankly ultra-hot, might also keep them mindful when they looked at their pictures, of their need of continual improvement. In the photo posted, which came from our fourth session, at the end of June, the whiteboards read: 
Mary will get out of bed promptly at eight to work on her graduate school applications. Six strokes for laziness. 
Angela will talk to her boyfriend about what she needs from their relationship. Six strokes for failure to assert herself.
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Here's the blurb:

When a picture Caroline took of her former students Mary and Angela after a spanking goes viral among the alumni of Caroline's school, it seems like Caroline's ageplay life with her husband George, and with Mary and Angela, could become embarrassingly public. With the help of her friend Caitlin, and fortified by a steamy weekend with George, Caitlin, and Joe in Bermuda, Caroline will have to get to the bottom of a mystery, while trying to find suitable ageplay partners for Mary and Angela. 
Luckily, Mary has met a young but supremely confident guy who calls her "young lady," and Caitlin has found a rich New York theater producer who may be a stern protector for Angela. But who was it who really posted that picture, and what will it take to get them to see that ageplay can be magical for adults wired that way?

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  1. Sounds intriguing and leaves me wanting to hear more about the steamy weekends and the stern protector.

  2. Love the idea of the white boards!

  3. This really does paint a lovely picture.

  4. The white boards bring such a unique view into the disciplined psyche of these two... A very creative and insightful curve you've created for the reader and the characters plot...

  5. Mmm, I love the visual of pictures with the whiteboard description...