Monday, April 7, 2014

Naughtiness at a sleepover Caroline's Little Club

Readers of Caroline's Little Friends may remember the little party where Caroline met her new best friend Caitlin. In Caroline's Little Club, Caroline and George bring Mary and her new daddy Dan to the little party, which is played as a sleepover.
We little girls--eight of us in all--were sitting on the floor of the Jenkins' big family-room, technically watching The Little Mermaid, but really whispering to one another. We had popcorn and juice-boxes. The daddies and the mommies--there were six daddies and two mommies this time--just off to the side of us in the living room drank wine and cocktails, and had a lovely selection of Mediterranean hors-d'oeuvres. 
George came into the family room with a plate of grape-leaves, which he knew I loved, and made me kneel up so that he could feed me one from his hand. It felt cute, and it must have looked cute, too, for when George had left us littles alone again Mary said, next to me, "Oh, Mamma," and I said to her with a smile, "Call me Caroline, Mary." I gave her a hug, and then a little kiss. Mary seemed to melt under the kiss, and I heard Cailtin say, "Careful girls." 
Ria Jenkins, behind us, said, "Oooo. I'm telling." 
"Better not, Ria!" Caitlin said, turning to her.
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Here's the blurb:

When a picture Caroline took of her former students Mary and Angela after a spanking goes viral among the alumni of Caroline's school, it seems like Caroline's ageplay life with her husband George, and with Mary and Angela, could become embarrassingly public. With the help of her friend Caitlin, and fortified by a steamy weekend with George, Caitlin, and Joe in Bermuda, Caroline will have to get to the bottom of a mystery, while trying to find suitable ageplay partners for Mary and Angela. 
Luckily, Mary has met a young but supremely confident guy who calls her "young lady," and Caitlin has found a rich New York theater producer who may be a stern protector for Angela. But who was it who really posted that picture, and what will it take to get them to see that ageplay can be magical for adults wired that way?

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