Monday, February 10, 2014

Big-girl time at the little party: Caroline's Little Friends #Taboo2sday

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The funny thing about taboo is that although there are certain things (incest, bestiality, non-consent) that are held to be taboo by almost everyone, the concentric circles that radiate out from there grow and shrink according to the person. For my first contribution to Taboo Tuesday, I've therefore chosen something that is taboo, I think, for some, but not for others: the group-sex at the little party that Caroline and George go to. It's Caroline's first time doing something so kinky, but to the others at the party, it's clearly old hat.
The table was in the middle of a large variety of furniture, and in a certain sense it was more of a pedestal or a dais than a table, low enough that people seated around it could have a very fine view of anything that took place atop it: it was clear that what Caitlin was inviting me to do (in the guise of a command from my daddy), was to perform for the whole group. It was heavily padded, and there were cushions on it, all of it covered in an artificial leather that I imagined was easy to wipe down. As soon as we got down to the basement, Caitlin took my hand. 
"Do you want to?" she whispered. 
I swallowed. "I think so," I whispered back. I loved to act, and Caitlin was clearly a real actress. There was a part of me that was flying at the thought that I was about to be in a little girl sex-show. There was a stepstool so that we could climb onto the table. Caitlin went first, and she knelt there waiting for me. I climbed up, and knelt, facing her, panicking a little because I had no idea what to do.
Here's the blurb! Buy the book here!
When Caroline overhears two of her former students, Mary and Angela, talking about how they saw her getting a spanking from her husband, George, the stage is set for a new phase of Caroline and George's age-play relationship.  
Using experiences gained from new friendships with couples in age-play relationships, Caroline and George will travel deeper into their taboo fantasies in an attempt to help Caroline's students and to deepen their own connection to each other and to their new friends.  
From a "little party" where Caroline and her new "little" friend Caitlin play Colonial Girl dolls, to a steamy weekend with Caitlin and her husband Joe in New York City, Caroline and George find new ways to satisfy each other's longings. At the same time, Caroline finds herself drawn to Caitlin in a way she never imagined. In the end, will Caroline decide that, even though she is first and foremost her husband's little girl, she can take on the responsibility of helping Mary and Angela realize their own fantasies? Will her new friendship with Caitlin help her discover what it means to take the upper hand with someone, while still remaining obedient? 
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 Taboo Tuesday!


  1. Great snippet, Emily! I especially loved that line about panicking because she didn't know what to do! So spot on.

  2. Such a wonderful snippet, Emily. I loved how you introduced the idea as "taboo for some, old hat for others." I know personally, I'm of the "old hat" camp. I almost giggle at group sex being taboo. The interaction between the girls was lovely

  3. Sounds like a great book Emily. And now I'm laughing Joelle because group sex IS totally taboo in my world/mind. Funny how we're all so different and yet similar in so many ways. xo!

    1. well if you've never seen me repeat my Master's joke, Normandie- He says that I'm so far outside the mainstream that I forget what the mainstream is.