Friday, February 14, 2014

Colonial Girls with lustful thoughts: Caroline's Little Friends

One of my favorite things about Caroline's Little Friends is the way Caroline and her new friend Caitlin play with "Colonial" Girl dolls. I think you can probably tell the kind of doll I mean. . .
The whole thing was bizarre and yet utterly wonderful; I had always been too self-conscious to try to play like a little when I was by myself, and I hadn't even confessed to George that one of the things I wanted to try was coloring and reading picture books and playing with dolls. Now, with the other girls doing it, it just seemed right to pick up a Colonial Girl doll (Prudence, my favorite) and brush her hair, and put her on her horse, Copper, so she could go for a ride. 
Another girl, Caitlin, said to me, shyly, "Can I play with you?" and I said, "Sure! Do you want Prudence and I'll go get Marianne?" but she said "No, that's OK--I'll get Marianne. Do you like Colonial Girl?" 
"Duh," I teased, and she laughed merrily. 
That was when I had my first inkling that I might like to kiss another girl. So many things that had lain dormant in me were being brought out by my ageplay with George that sometimes I didn't know whether the thoughts that came to my head, and sent tiny waves of arousal to my little-girl loins were really me, or somehow wakened falsely in me by the situation. Caitlin decided the question for me, because she gave me a peck on the cheek. 
"You're very pretty," she said. 
"So are you," I replied, taken aback but now knowing that I would probably like to kiss another girl, as long as it was Caitlin, who had beautiful flaming red hair and milk-white skin, and blue eyes. I shivered as her nipples brushed up against my upper arm, when she turned to get the Marianne doll. 
"Have you read the books?" she whispered. 
"Of course," I whispered back. 
"Prudence," she said in a wonderful posh British accent, "Miss Pemberley is waiting for us!" 
"Oh, Marianne," I replied, "I'm so sorry! I forgot!" Prudence came down off Copper, and went to lessons with her friend. 
"Prue," said Caitlin, "do you love me?" 
"Of course, Marianne." I giggled. 
"Do you ever. . ." I looked at Caitlin; she was blushing, and that made me blush. 
"What, Marianne?" 
"You know, in bed at night. . . do you ever think about me?" 
I giggled again. "Um, yes. . . sometimes. . . do you think about me?" I felt like I was flying.
 Here's the blurb! Buy the book here!
When Caroline overhears two of her former students, Mary and Angela, talking about how they saw her getting a spanking from her husband, George, the stage is set for a new phase of Caroline and George's age-play relationship.  
Using experiences gained from new friendships with couples in age-play relationships, Caroline and George will travel deeper into their taboo fantasies in an attempt to help Caroline's students and to deepen their own connection to each other and to their new friends.  
From a "little party" where Caroline and her new "little" friend Caitlin play Colonial Girl dolls, to a steamy weekend with Caitlin and her husband Joe in New York City, Caroline and George find new ways to satisfy each other's longings. At the same time, Caroline finds herself drawn to Caitlin in a way she never imagined. In the end, will Caroline decide that, even though she is first and foremost her husband's little girl, she can take on the responsibility of helping Mary and Angela realize their own fantasies? Will her new friendship with Caitlin help her discover what it means to take the upper hand with someone, while still remaining obedient? 

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  1. absolutely wonderful, Emily! I love the play here and Caroline's reflections on her interest. Caitlin sounds precious.