Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: hussy

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

"I suppose you actually went into a shop to buy these disgraceful. . . things." Anne's mother's voice was like ice.

"No! He gave them to me!"

"Do you think that makes it better, you hussy? I only wish I had given you this paddling years ago. Perhaps then you might understand what a man means when he dresses a young woman up this way!"

"I know what he means! He loves me!"

Her mother laughed, ruefully. "And he's going to leave his rich wife for you. Of course."

"Yes! She never pleases him the way I do!"

"The way you do?!" She heard the horror in her mother's voice. "What do you let him do to you, when you put on these slutty things?"

Anne stayed silent.

"I suppose you suck his cock with those red lips of yours, don't you?" Anne blushed, remembering how she had done just that in the hotel room the day before. "And, looking at this impudent backside in these wicked panties, I'm sure he can't resist making you take him there, can he?"

Her blush grew deeper, but she kept silent, still.

"Well, Miss Anne, it's time to learn the price of your behavior."

(Picture via Keith solley from Mister Lamour Photography.)


  1. intriguing. quite a hot bit of fiction :) love it! and now I'm truly on my way to take a shower :D

  2. Ominous closing line, I think. But overall I love the all-female dynamic described here as the outraged mother prepares to punish her delinquent daughter.