Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visual inspirations analysis: leash

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

The chief thermeme here is of course the leash itself, held out to "Mariko"'s fiancé. The hotel setting, along with the particular, very hot configuration of Mariko's clothing, suggested an ongoing, loving relationship in which the dominant partner could develop, over a long period, his fantasies about what Mariko should wear the first time she truly submits to him. By the same token, the wonderful look of apprehension on her face suggests that this is indeed her first time wearing these lovely leather things.

But I suppose the thing I love most about this photo is the way she holds the leash, as if she is giving over to her master, along with the right to use her for his pleasure, responsibility for all the strange fantasies that have troubled her for so long. From now on, her master, in his wisdom, will decide how those fantasies will be realized. Yes, I'm projecting; but don't we all? Especially we who love erotica?

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