Thursday, February 6, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: auction

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

This photo presents some very intriguing elements. I think the reason I instantly thought it must have something to do with an auction is that the filename under which I found it said "Christie's," and the diamond necklace seems to sort well with the idea that there is an auction in the case. But then there are the very strange matters of the figures behind that of the man who is putting the necklace on "Elsa," and of the garment she is wearing, with its long, long ribbons (clearly meant, I think, to make an elaborate bow when tied; such elaborate bows are good for presenting gifts, of course--like girls in lovely lace lingerie).

The figures behind, try as I might, I could not see as anything other than painted, though that would mean that their paintings (or perhaps a single painting?) are very close behind the man with the necklace.

The whole of the image spoke of "Elsa" as an objet d'art, but more importantly as an objet d'art who has been placed upon the block. You may have gathered that I think objectification is the soul of sexuality, or at the very least of BDSM, and so I think the essential hotness of this photo for me may be in the way the gesture of placing the necklace around "Elsa's" neck, which simultaneously adorns her and, because of the metaphorical nature of the neck, claims and possesses her, radiates out into the various mysterious, but artistic, other details of the scene.

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