Friday, February 14, 2014

Two little girls, punished by each other's Daddies #SatSpanks

I loved writing Caroline and George's night with their new friends Caitlin and Joe. In the taxi on the way to Caitlin and Joe's apartment, the girls get into a little trouble because they don't want to tell their Daddies what they're talking about.
"Now, girls," said Mr. Lee, once our dresses were off, and we were over each other's Daddy's laps in only our panties, and those pulled down to our knees (Joe had complimented George on my cane-welts, which only stung a tiny bit now, after more than a week), "what was so funny in the car?" 
"It was only about my underwear, Daddy," said Caitlin. "I just told Caroline that I've been allowed to wear my panties lately." 
"Silly girl," said Mr. Lee, stroking my bottom as he spoke, "why didn't you just tell us?" 
"It's so embarrassing!" Caitlin replied. I wished I could see her, but Mr. Lee had set up two windsor chairs facing one another, and I had been made to go over his lap to the right, while Caitlin had gone over George's in the opposite direction. "A girl's panties are her private things, aren't they, Daddy?"
Needless to say, they're not private from her Daddy, in Caroline's and Caitlin's houses!

Here's the blurb! Buy the book here!
When Caroline overhears two of her former students, Mary and Angela, talking about how they saw her getting a spanking from her husband, George, the stage is set for a new phase of Caroline and George's ageplay relationship. 
Using experiences gained from new friendships with couples in ageplay relationships, Caroline and George will travel deeper into their taboo fantasies in an attempt to help Caroline's students and to deepen their own connection to each other and to their new friends. 
From a "little party" where Caroline and her new "little" friend Caitlin play Colonial Girl dolls, to a steamy weekend with Caitlin and her husband Joe in New York City, Caroline and George find new ways to satisfy each other's longings. At the same time, Caroline finds herself drawn to Caitlin in a way she never imagined. In the end, will Caroline decide that, even though she is first and foremost her husband's little girl, she can take on the responsibility of helping Mary and Angela realize their own fantasies? Will her new friendship with Caitlin help her discover what it means to take the upper hand with someone, while still remaining obedient?
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  1. That is cute naughty, Emily, and normally, I wouldn't call your stuff cute. Just hot. :) Congrats on the new release by the way.

  2. It is cute. Age play is so fun! Congrats on your new release.

  3. Congrats on the new release! Sounds like a playful book.

  4. I love sexy, playful age play. I've ordered both of your books and cannot wait to read them. :-)

  5. I'd like to hear the next private conversation between the girls.

  6. Cute dialog. Girls will always be girls and share silliness that men will never undersand. Very nice snippet

  7. I agree, very cute! You always come up with the most interesting scenes.

  8. ooh, Daddy talk. You've got me going... yum

  9. Oh what things little girls can talk about when they think their Daddy's aren't listening. This is a fun and sexy snippet, Emily.
    Well done!

  10. You have such great voice in your writing. Age play is not my thing, but you write very well.

  11. Oh, this was so cute!
    I have had fantasies about being spanked like this. I'm not sure if it the "little" thing, or the sharing thing, but it definitely calls to me. :)

    Very well written, Emily!
    Congrats on the new release!

  12. I do so love how you approach age play, Emily :)

  13. Interesting that the Daddies enjoy sharing punishments, and the girls don't mind a bit. Interesting take on age play, Emily, and congrats on having two books in Blushing's top ten, and four in the top fifty. Way to go!