Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: breakfast

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

I think my little analysis with respect to this unexpected, wonderful photo should be a kind of paean to the erotic humiliation inherent in nakedness. Why should there be anything humiliating about making breakfast (or whatever "Jennifer" is doing here) in lingerie? I'm not sure I know the answer, but whatever it is must be key to what makes BDSM work for me, and maybe for others.

I've written several times about why lingerie has the effect it does; my take is that it actually makes me more naked than I would be were I actually nude--not naked in the exact sense of the word, where it's of course a synonym for "nude," but naked in the Garden of Eden "Who toldest thee that thou wast naked?" sense: when Adam and Eve were just nude, they didn't care, because, well, everyone was nude. It was only when the Knowledge of Good and Evil came to them--knowledge that comes from the hitherto hidden perspective of others--and they realized that in the eyes of someone else, whether God or the serpent, they were not covering parts that needed covering, that they became ashamed, and made the very first lingerie, out of fig-leaves.

The point of lingerie is that it has no functional purpose beyond the erotic realm (humans did without panties for many thousands of years; I'm also obviously not talking about sports bras). When the principal flow of one's libido is along the lines of dominance-and-submission, and the erotic realm is always about some degree of power-exchange, the moment of shame is the same as the moment of lingerie, if we can call it that: Who told me that I was naked? Charles, when he gave me a lace thong to wear.

So, when you work the lingerie up all the way, as it is worked up in "Jennifer's" lovely outfit here, and then you add the element of traditional feminine subservience in the kitchen--as ethically repugnant as it is--you get smoking hotness. And, as you know by now about me, smoking hotness always needs a spanking.

(Photo via the marvelous Magdy Love, of the wonderful Nylon Stockings & Lingerie community on Google Plus.)

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