Friday, January 31, 2014

A very scottish orgasm: Tamed by the Highlander

I adore my hero and heroine in Tamed by the Highlander: trying to write the beginning of their erotic life together in a style that felt authentic to the 16th Century was a marvelous challenge. The vocabulary had to be a little oblique, and feel old, but as I wrote it, it felt hot to me nevertheless.
The feeling of his yard pulsing inside her seemed to make Elisabeth wilder even than she had been. She cried out, loud, and her head threshed from side to side upon the mattress with pleasure she could not hide from him despite her shame. Angus felt her whole little body push with all its force against him, as if in one last attempt to throw him from his seat inside her cunt. 
To no avail, to be sure, because now, as he felt the last drops of a pleasure so extreme--indeed, so violent--that he felt his own frame must come apart, he would not let his little bride throw him by any means. Her struggles seemed only to heighten that cruel pleasure that he could never resist once he entered into it. But when she felt herself so thoroughly mastered, it seemed; when she knew past any doubt that Angus would no more let her go than he would fail to collar a straying sheep upon the hillside--then that tense body under his seemed to glow with heat, and Elisabeth gave a new kind of cry, one that Angus had never heard before. It sounded, he thought, though the thought seemed passing strange, like the cry of a highland eagle, circling high above the moors. Her eyes had been closed as he had deflowered her, and as he had fucked her harder and harder, but now they flew open, and Angus was absolutely sure that he could see love, and a desire as deep as the great loch, in them. Her arms reached up and twined themselves around his, and her hands gripped his shoulders convulsively, with a strength that surprised him greatly, as her back arched up and off the mattress, and then she fell back again, limp beneath him.
Here's the blurb (buy the book here!):
When raiders fall upon Urquhart Castle, Elisabeth Grant, the daughter of the castle’s lord—a highlander by birth, but educated in the lowlands—is left defenseless when her cowardly father abandons her. At the last moment, her life and her maidenhead are saved from the raiders by Angus MacGregor, the proud highlander she had only hours earlier ordered locked in the pillory for his insolence toward her.  
Vowing that she will see her home rise from the ruins after the attack, Elisabeth resolves to stay as close to the castle as possible. With her father and his soldiers gone, however, she has nowhere to turn for protection except to the highlander who so recently rescued her. When Angus informs her that he has no interest in a ward or a servant, she impetuously offers to wed the uncouth, yet undeniably brave and handsome highlander whose firm words and strong arms both terrify and excite her.  
Angus agrees to marry Elisabeth on one condition: she will serve and obey him as a proper wife should, and if she fails in her duties, she will be soundly spanked. She agrees to his condition, but when she surrenders to his touch one moment and defies him the next, his desire for her only grows fiercer. Though it quickly becomes clear she will not yield without a fight—and a taste of his leather strap upon her bare bottom—he soon discovers she is like no woman he has ever known, as being chastised until she is writhing and begging only increases her lust for him.  
But when her father returns to rebuild the ruins of Urquhart even as the threat of another assault on the castle looms, Angus wonders whether Elisabeth will abandon him and return to the life of a noble lady. Even if she stays by his side, will their newly forged bond be shattered in the heat of battle, or will their love and courage be enough to withstand the swords of the marauders?