Friday, January 24, 2014

Prophettown: so wrong, and yet so very hot--The Sister-Wives of Prophettown

The pseudoreligious polygamous BDSM community of Prophettown is certainly my most out-there creation. Take a look:
"There's a DVD in your drawer," said Charles. "Put on your white thong--only the thong--and watch the DVD until I come home, please." 
I swallowed hard. 
"What's the DVD about?" I asked, frightened. 
"You'll see. Now do as I've said, Emily." 
The video was called The Prophet's Way: The Marriage Bed. It came across like an industrial training video, complete with what looked like stock footage of a small town and low-budget-sounding gospel-ish music. After a title sequence featuring a tall middle-aged man going through the services of a religious group that seemed to be called the Assembly of the Holy, it began with the man coming "backstage" to his office, and speaking to camera. 
"Hello! As you know, I am the Prophet Jonas, and I've directed that this series of videos be made to clear up for both men and their wives what a man's rights and a wife's duties are in their bridal chamber and their marriage bed, and what the special honors of assembly leadership are in the same area. So we've brought together a few of your questions, and we'll be answering them with the help of some of the wonderful--and, I must say, attractive--young people of Prophettown.  
"Now remember what our life in Prophettown involves, brothers and sisters. We're all over eighteen, and all you men are dominants, and all you gals are submissives. Our way of life is one of strict domestic discipline, in particular where fucking is concerned." 
"What the Hell?" I thought. 
Prophet Jonas continued, "The Book of the Prophet sets things up for us so that what we call 'families', with husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, are made up of people who aren't actually related by blood, because we raise our kids in a birth-groups--which are like what people in the regular world outside Prophettown call 'families'. When they turn eighteen. . ." (shot of two attractive teenage girls at their 18th birthday party, being sat down for a conversation with a paternal looking man) "they're told about how the grown-ups of Prophettown live, and they're asked if they want to leave right then. Some of them do. . ." (hugs at a train-station, waves as the train departs with one of the two teenagers) "but most of them stay, and learn the most important word of our lives together. . ." 
Cut to a classroom, where the eighteen-year-old who stayed sits with five or six others. There's a word on the blackboard, which they all then solemnly say. 
The word is "Pineapple." 
"What the fuck?" I said out loud.
The next volume of the second edition of EXPLORATIONS, The Sister-Wives of Prophettown, is out. Here's the blurb (buy the book here!):
After watching the first part of The Prophet's Way I couldn't bear it; I needed to see the rest, but it wasn't in my special drawer (which I wasn't even supposed to be looking in without permission, anyway; my heart quailed when I peeked in and caught sight of my paddle, with my name on it--involuntarily I moved my right hand to my bottom, and swallowed hard). 
The second volume of the second edition of Explorations tells the strange story of "my" discovering the existence of a pseudo-religious, polygmaous BDSM community, where all men are dominants and all women are submissives. Mf, MFf, anal, spanking, polygamy, ageplay, watersports, diaperplay. 
This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasies that you may wish to avoid: Mf, MFf, anal, spanking, polygamy, ageplay, watersports, diaperplay. All characters depicted are consenting adults. 
This book is the second volume of the second edition of EXPLORATIONS. It contains a revision of material previously released as all or part of the following books: Emily, Ravished by Porn; Emily's Sacred Porn; Emily and the Shameful Customs of Prophettown; Emily and the Sacred Submission of Prophettown; Emily and the Paradise-Step of Prophettown; Emily and the Lusts of Prophettown; Emily and the Training-Shed of Prophettown; Emily and the Forbidden Loves of Prophettown; Emily and the Sister-Wives of Prophettown; EXPLORATIONS: Books 6-10; EXPLORATIONS: Books 11-16; EXPLORATIONS: Part 1 (Books 1-16).


  1. Oh Emily, you know I really was thinking this is going out of my comfort zone - and then I saw "pineapple" and laughed out loud!
    Sometimes you amaze me,


    1. It's nearly out of my comfort zone, too! I'm glad you liked the Pineapple Protocol!