Thursday, January 9, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: the little room

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

As I said at the outset of the story, I have been an enormous fan of this photograph for many years. I have no idea where it comes from--anyone know?

The thing that gets me about the photo is I think the contrast between the man, not in focus, at the other end of the little room, and the girl's backside, framed by the garter-belt, with no panties in evidence, in perfect focus in the foreground. To me, that man in the background is the perfect embodiment of what I would call the spirit of dominance. The man in the foreground, getting ready to carry out the actual spanking, must simply be his agent, because he is young, and he is visibly excited. It's Mr. Higgins (background) who owns the real dominant's pleasure, because he can enjoy it impassively.

It seems to me very similar to the contrast in
Story of O between Sir Stephen (background) and René (foreground): the man in the background, the real dominant, is always waiting to make himself known. He will spank me harder, and he will possess me more deeply, than the callow boys who pretend to pull up my dress and give me a few swats ever could. Mr. Higgins holds my hands and enjoys the sight of my sorry face; he need not trouble himself to touch my bottom, for he owns that bottom, and thus every hand that may strike it is his.

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  1. Makes perfect sense. I imagine it adds another layer of perversion, though, when the figure in the background is that of a woman who, facing the spankee, strokes her hair and tries to comfort her during her punishment.