Friday, January 10, 2014

My special kind of discipline: EXPLORATIONS 25-28

I stealth-released the latest collection of EXPLORATIONS last week. Now that I'm no longer completely in charge of my own release-schedule, things have gotten a bit crazy, and I just wanted it to be out there, since those books had been around quite a while. Anyway, here's a tease and a link!

Here's how it begins, after the usual frontmatter:
As he had promised, in recompense for failing to tell him about my great-great-grandmother's notebook, and for masturbating while reading it, Charles followed the terrible caning he had administered to my backside with an example of what in our household goes by the name "ass-lesson." As you may remember, I had wet the bed during my caning, and so I had to change the sheets as an extra-humiliating part of the preparation for the final part of my punishment (final for now, of course, because it seemed I still had a bathroom-punishment coming for the deception, as opposed to the self-abuse).

Finally, though, arrayed in my special white lace panties, with the special bolster used for these lessons under my hips, I awaited my husband. Sometimes Charles would spend a long time preparing my anus with various toys, but that night he was much more peremptory. He came silently into the room, while I, according to my training, kept my face to the sheet, awaiting his justice. I usually had to prepare the bed for my ass-lesson by removing all the covers--a wonderfully degrading duty in and of itself--but of course the same purpose was served on this occasion by making it up for now only with the pink fitted sheet which was now against my brow, and nose, and mouth. Then Charles simply hooked one finger into the back of my panties, and pulled them aside, and presented his lubed manhood at my rectum. 
"Let me in, you bad girl," he said, softly, and leaned forward, putting his hands possessively on the bolster, on either side of my hips. 
I gave the little sob I always seem to give when I have to let a penis go where penises shouldn't go, and pushed the way I knew bad girls who give ass push, and then my husband was where he wanted to be, to teach me a lesson about pleasure and my body, and about his lordship over me. In keeping with his displeasure about my deception and my self-abuse, he rode my bottom hard that evening. When I cried out, he said, "Take it, you bad girl. You thought you could steal your pleasure from me. Will you do that again?" 
"No!" I cried. And he came, and I was left wanting.
So what else is new? You know me, right? Here's the place to buy. And here's the blurb:
Emily's Morning: The 25th book of Explorations finds fantasy-Emily having the stern final portion of her punishment for self-abuse, while in the old notebook she has been so naughtily reading, Victorian Emily finds herself in disciplinary trouble for much the same crime. Mrs. Smith, trainer of young brides, is forced to administer a chastisement that she hopes will finally teach her newest pupil something important about her life as a submissive wife.  
Emily's Fitting: In the 26th book of Explorations, fantasy-Emily, now with her husband's permission (provided she can keep herself from auto-erotic temptation) continues to read of her great-great-grandmother's initiation as a submissive bride into a Great Drama of BDSM in Victorian England.  
Emily's Victorian Bridal Chamber: In the 27th book of Explorations, as the story of fantasy-Emily's connection with Prophettown gathers a frightening sort of momentum, the story of Victorian Emily's wedding-night also comes to its crisis point.  
Emily, Bedded: The 28th book of Explorations tells, in parallel, the stories of the narrator's ancestress' bride-night with her dominant husband and of the beginning of the narrator's fantasy-avatar's night with three of her husband's junior-colleagues, as a prize awarded for exemplary performance.  
These books of Explorations contain fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, Ff, MMMf (no sex among the Ms), FFFf, anal, spanking, watersports. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults. 

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